Support grows for lesbian mother’s fight for family reunion

“When we started campaigning about my case I was not very hopeful. I am really surprised and was uplifted when I saw the great response.” Ms Mohammed started her fight for family reunion by applying for – and winning! – legal aid to appeal against the Home Office’s cruel refusal.

There’s still time to unite and help. Please download, sign and send the postcard and action alert below!


Please also read and share these online articles.

Ham&High: Lesbian refugee who fled domestic violence in Pakistan pleads: rescue my son – he’s in danger!

Ms Mohammed.jpg

Camden New Journal: Lesbian refugee who fled honour killing denied reunion with son.

Thank you for your continued support!

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  1. […] “Gender Issues in the Asylum Claim“The Home Office has its own guidance on how officials should treat women’s claims but this is routinely flouted. We challenge refusals drawing attention to how victims and their accounts are disbelieved and dismissed, e.g. delay in reporting rape is still used as grounds for disbelief. We are now helping women challenge confusing Home Office decisions, insisting that they should be able to understand them. […]


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