Refuge from Rape & Destitution launch, Brighton 2017

The Refuge from Rape & Destitution project started in 2017 to

Publicise the structural injustices in the asylum system which prevent victims of rape and domestic violence from winning protection. See latest press.

Campaign to end the government policy of destitution which stops all support and accommodation when asylum claims are closed, or leaves those granted status with “No Recourse to Public Funds”. See briefing against the Nationality & Borders Bill against the introduction of “Group 2” refugee status which will penalise those too traumatised to report rape immediately by denying access to public funds even after they win their case.

Document how destitution makes women and children vulnerable to sexual violence and other exploitation in the UK. See our research “Up From Destitution”, which found that 2/3 of women asylum seekers are destitute and 2/3 are survivors of rape and/or domestic violence.

Provide key self-help tools to: