What we do

  • We co-ordinate collective self-help legal case work sessions and meetings, where women work on their own and each others cases to understand them and how they fit into the asylum and immigration legal framework.  Women who are centrally involved in their own case in this way are best placed to find lawyers, get support from other professionals, organisations and MPs, and ensure that the evidence of the persecution they suffered and danger to their life if returned to their country of origin is put before the authorities. This improves women’s chances of winning safety and protection.
  • We produce and publicise resources and practical tools to help women fight their legal cases, and research and make available official guidelines that enhance women’s rights in the asylum system. 
  • We campaign to end destitution and work with other grassroots campaigners against detention and deportation, so that women get the safety and protection they are entitled to.    
  • We campaign with the All African Women’s Group for women asylum seekers’  right to be here based on an entitlement that comes from the debt owed to Africa, India and countries of the south for the theft of people and resources over centuries from slavery and colonialism to the present day.  This helps dismantle the myth of “bogus asylum seekers” and strengthens women asylum seekers in their demand to be here.