Legal case: Ms A stops deportation

Ms A suffered horrifically at the hands of a rich and powerful relative in whose care her impoverished parents had been forced to leave her.   She remained so scared of him and what he would do to her family that she never reported this in the UK as grounds for asylum.  Her partner in the UK abused her complete dependence on him, both for a home and financial support for her and their children, and for her immigration application based on their relationship.  She suffered many years of rape and other abuse.  

We helped Ms A report her experiences for the first time just before she was due an appeal against deportation.  With our support using  Home Office and Tribunal instructions about how rape and domestic violence victims should be treated, her lawyer successfully applied for an adjournment then won the Home Office’s agreement that she was entitled to claim asylum, stopping the deportation.  Ms A got emergency social services support to escape her violent ex-partner with her children, as victims of domestic violence. 

* Some details changed to protect Ms A and her children’s safety.

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