Statement: Stop the Nationality & Borders Bill 

4 April 2022

The House of Lords is voting again on the Nationality and Borders Bill on Monday 4 April. There is still time to stop this racist and sexist bill which the government is trying to force through against strong opposition in the House of Lords.

There is huge public support across the country for refugees fleeing bombing in Ukraine. Yet, among other dangerous measures, this bill will block refugees – including women and girls fleeing rape and other torture – from claiming asylum, force them into destitution and prevent their families from receiving protection.

A Law Society poll showed two-thirds of the public oppose the bill. The Scottish government and Welsh Senedd (government) have refused “legislative consent” for the bill to operate in their countries. Conservative peers have been among those speaking out in the Lords. Some Lords have already indicated that the issues at stake are too serious for them to back down.

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