Oppose the “New Immigration Plan”

The government’s New Immigration Plan introduces a two-tier system so that anyone entering the UK by a so-called illegal route will no longer be entitled to full refugee status. Instead, you will only get “temporary protection status” lasting no longer than 30 months. You will have limited access to benefits and family reunion, and could be removed from the UK while your claim is being decided. You will get only one chance to make an application and it will be easier for your claim to be dismissed as “unsubstantiated”. Even rape survivors will be expected to speak about everything they suffered at the very beginning regardless of trauma and the fear of stigma and discrimination. It will be harder to get asylum if you have a criminal record regardless of how you got it or for what.

Please write to your MP to oppose these changes.
Sign our template letter: https://womenagainstrape.eaction.org.uk/Immigration
cc Home Secretary Priti Patel MP: withammp@parliament.uk & public.enquiries@homeoffice.gov.uk

The plan is another attempt to “divide and rule” and is based on lies

  • Immigrant people are not a drain on the UK.
  • The government plan penalises women, especially mothers and/or rape survivors.
  • Rape victims who delay reporting will be fast tracked for deportation; their claims dismissed as “unsubstantiated”.
  • New reception centres (detention by any other name) and off shore processing will lead to more abuse, including rape.
  • Britain takes many fewer asylum seekers than most other European countries.
  • Immigration policy is economic policy – promoting racism and making people destitute boosts profits for big business as all workers have less power to refuse exploitation and low pay.
  • Immigration policy supports imperialist proxy wars for corporate profit, the arms trade and environmental destruction.  People have the right to be here to claim the wealth stolen from Africa, India etc. over centuries of slavery and colonialism.
  • Treating asylum seekers and refugees as disposable aims to lower everyone’s standards, to get people used to some lives not counting.

UK-born or not, with or without papers, in defending immigrants and asylum seekers we defend ourselves from a criminal and callous government. The New Immigration Plan must go.

More details/background information and sample letter here:

By: Global Women Against Deportations includes the All African Women’s Group @AfricanGr, Legal Action for Women, Women Against Rape @Againstrape & Women of Colour/Global Women’s Strike @woc_gws 

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