Woman says she was raped by legal aid lawyer after being trafficked to UK, Independent 31 Dec 2019

The following is an excerpt from the article. Read the full article in the Independent here.

Aisha says she went back to the Home Office last year to challenge this decision and handed back the document detailing her successful application. She is now submitting a proper application for asylum with the help of Women Against Rape – an organisation which supports rape victims to pursue their legal cases. 

“I am still waiting to hear back but I am positive it will win,” she says. “I am not allowed to work at the moment and am having to live with friends. I want to use my story to help women.” 

Sian Evans, who runs Women Against Rape’s Refuge from Rape and Destitution Campaign, said: “We see every day women like Aisha who are traumatised by the violence they fled. They came here with the hope of finding safety but face sexism and racism in the asylum system. Deprived of a fair hearing, many are left destitute and suffer further rape and exploitation.”

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