Resources for Cases

WAR’s Refuge from Rape & Destitution Campaign is developing tools and other resources for women to use to fight their asylum/immigration cases.

The discrimination and injustice victims of rape and domestic violence face often result in their legal cases to stay in the UK being rejected and closed before they have been able to speak about what they suffered.  And facing a barrage of hostility and disbelief, the cases of those who do report are invariably closed before they have had the help they need to counter this.  Once their cases are closed, women are made destitute.

This work has resulted in 5 self-help advice sheets.

1.  Doing a case summary

2.  Claiming the right to stay as a victim of rape & domestic violence

3.  Challenging the Home Office using  its own “Gender Issues in the Asylum Claim” instructions 

4.  Appealing against the Home Office

5.  Using Vulnerable Witness Guidance in appeals