Get Involved

Here are some ways you can get involved with the campaign.

Support women’s cases.

We issue action alerts to ask for people’s support in individual cases, e.g. to write to the Home Office or to attend vigils at appeal hearings. You can read here how fantastic public support, including a human rights vigil at her appeal in August, helped Anna win asylum at last!


We are always on the look out for new volunteers. Get in touch via email or phone so we can fix meeting up. If you can’t come in person, there’s research and other help we need that doesn’t entail attendance.


Get in touch to offer or suggest fundraising ideas. For example, earlier in the year we helped organise a delicious meal with Transition Kentish Town and VegBox to raise fares for women to attend the self-help sessions. Right now we are asking for donations towards Legal Action for Women’s annual Christmas Appeal for destitute women asylum seekers and their children.

We’ll come to you.

Invite us to speak, run a workshop or perform our play “We Are Here Because You Are There

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